Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stop Pinning & Make Something! May Link Party

A monthly link party to get you out of Pinterest and creating something from one of your boards!
This monthly installment is late because to be truthful I have thought about no longer doing these as I can’t seem to get anyone interested in joining in.  Yesterday it dawned on me that this endeavor is also for me.  To get me out of my comfort zone and create things those things I see other people creating but I see myself as “not creative enough” to make. 

In April I joined the Pocket Letter craze.  Pocket Letter?   Using a 9-Pocket Plastic Sheet used originally for baseball cards and then for Artist Trading Cards, you create a colorful letter for a friend.  Janette Lane is the creator and you can go HERE for an explanation of how to put one together.  My Pinterest board has her tutorial and some other creative, useful links to get you started. 

While there is a suggested template, there is NO ONE WAY FOR MAKING THESE.  From my “research” I’ve gleamed that the one hard and fast rule is you must have an About Me card, that’s it! 

Where to begin

 Janette created Pocket Letter  Pals and there is a Facebook groupSwap–bot has several groups which is where I started from. 

Some advice in getting started…

Watch the tutorial and look at some of Janette’s PLs then make your first one. Do not make the mistake I made in looking at all the PLs on Pinterest and on the FB page.  I got overwhelmed than had a difficult time getting started because I feared mine wouldn’t be as good as those I was looking at.

I started with using some spray ink on watercolor paper.  After it dried, I cut it into 9 -  2.5” x  3.5” cards.  I made a list of 9 topics, one per card.  Because my theme was About Me, it made it easier to get started.
I took each of the topic headings and printed them out on card stock then glued them to the plastic sheet using Beacon 3-in-1 craft glue.

I used my Fuji instax mini camera for the coffee shot

I wrapped a small piece of dark chocolate as a gift 

I included this small rose quartz crystal with a short explanation of its uses
In the center I included a photo of myself  and created a mixed media ATC for the last pocket
back side
For the back I colored these flowers which I copied onto card stock from a coloring book then colored in using Prismacolor markers.  This is not a requirement but I prefer the finished looked, especially when folded,  The receiver sees it as she is taking it out of the envelope and unfolding the letter.  

It's Your Turn!

Grab the button, start creating and share your link below.  Remember to link back to this direct URL at in your posting.  May's link party closses May 31st at 11:55 pm.


  1. I am glad you opted to persevere with the link party! :) Your pocket letter is fabulous. I had not heard of them before seeing them in your previous post. Very cool! I have to admit, I was always one to say I am not crafty, but I can follow someone else's directions to create what they have created. Just yesterday, I realized that is not exactly the case anymore. It took me over 3 years of crazy quilting to realize I can actually come up with a few ideas on my own. Still, the majority of what I make is inspired by the work of others and Pinterest is great for that! I plan to link up again later this month. :)

    1. I think this is true with many of us. I find that I am SLOWLY finding my own style but I still feel the need to look at other's work for inspiration. I am constantly fighting that voice from the left siEd of my brain that says, "You are not artistic!"

    2. Hi! I linked up, but am a little confused. I see that it says 4 people have linked up, but I cannot figure out how to find those links. I'm sure I am missing something! :)

  2. I had never seen these before. Yours looks absolutely gorgeous!


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