Saturday, May 2, 2015

Get up. Get dressed. Paint. Week 6

Painting with Rae Missigman and her 15 MINUTES OF MIXED MEDIA©

 Painting Disaster!

When I first viewed this video I was giddy with excitement over trying the acrylic inks.  I used a 50% off coupon at Michael’s Craft to purchase them. 

Following her lead I added several drops to the top of the page, added some water to a brush and coaxed the ink to run down and across the page.  It ran faster than I expected and filled the gutter.  Obvious more practice is required!

The big disaster came when painting in the design.  She used a white Stabilo pencil to create a design then scraped white paint over the page.
      The markings I made using the Stabilo pencil simply disappeared.       
            I could not get the paint to scrape  over the page as smooth and thin and she could.
 UGG!  I was left with this mess:

Ordinarily I would have quit and scrapped the page but this was for practice and I knew disasters sometimes come out okay in the end. 

I do not like using black paint and I was not thrilled with covering up what I just meticulously painted but I had gone this far so I took the plunge….  truly do not like it!

After having anticipating 2 weeks to create this page I feel a bit let down.  I will try using the inks again, after all I now own 6 bottle of them!  

What I learned:

Ø  Not all disasters turn out alright in the end!
Ø  I do not like covering up what I worked so hard to create. 
Ø  I need to make an effort to use this acrylic inks again, not just shelve them after this experience.  

If you have used acrylic inks please leave a comment with any suggestions or simply share your experience in using them.
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  1. Hi Diane, I haven't tried acrylic inks before. Your page looks great! It's good you stuck in there!

  2. Just keep layering it until it feels far so good as far as layers go!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I think you have brought the page along. Just keep adding to it and maybe you might end up liking it a bit. I'm not a fan of using inks for backgrounds except with a paint brush. I do like how they brush out and then dry super super fast. Can't wait to see where this ends up down the road.

  4. I don't think the page looks that bad!! I am really into acrylic inks ever since my daughter brought some home from a trip for me. Keep on using them cause it does take practice to get them to move the way you want. Vickie


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