Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stop Pinning and Make Something! Monthly Link Party: March

Welcome to the debut of Stop Pinning and Make Something!  a monthly link party to get people creating something!  To celebrate, I am giving away this handy pen organizer I made from THIS pin on my More things to make then I have time for… board.
Please note: Pens, scissors & brayer are just for display purposes; they are not part of the giveaway.  Nor is the kitty.

Featured HERE by Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith at inky dinky doodle.
Originally post on YouTube by Sylvia Tabor

To qualify for the giveaway make something from one of your pins, upload a photo, then add your link to the bottom of the page. Be sure to read THIS post for all the details, those pesky rules and the badge.

 My creating process:

I did not have a shipping box so I raided the pantry and found this oatmeal box.  I had been saving the toilet paper rolls for a while with the intent to use them to make fire starter logs.

Note:  You can decide to make the sides of the organizer taller or shorter than the paper rolls.  I went with making the organizer taller than the rolls after measuring my gel pens and paint brushes.  I felt it made the organizer sturdier this way.

The box had perforated lines so I reinforced them on both sides with masking tape.

Because the box I chose was rather flimsy, I decided to reinforce it with some heavier card board.   I measured and cut the pieces then covered them with scrapbook paper.

Note: As I was preparing to glue the reinforced cardboard to the sides I discovered my hot glue gun was sitting in my classroom at school so I had to come up with another option as I was determined to get the project done.  I turn to my trusty Beacon 3-in-1 glue. It has a strong hold and dries fairly quickly. 

Next I painted the paper rolls using what I had on hand, DecoArt Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze in Renaissance Brown.  I painted the inside of the box metallic green acrylic.
Note: If I were to make this again, I would paint the entire inside of the roll rather than halfway down.  After it was completed I went back and repainted making sure I covered all the exposed parts of the paper tubes.

While I was holding the paper rolls in place to dry I discovered I had forgotten about the bottom!  I had to go back and measure a piece of cardboard, cover it with scrapbook paper then glue it to the bottom.

With the basic organizer completed I wanted to decorate it.  I found this quote from my favorite desk calendar Seize the day.  I stamped some butterflies (to match the washi tape I planned to use) on left over scrapbook paper, cut them out and decorated the box.

The final step was covering the edges with washi tape and adding my signature to the back.

Note:  Later when I came back to look at it I decided it was missing “something” so I took the copper Brilliance ink pad and went around the top edges of organizer to give it a more finished look.
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  1. Hullo Diane, shame no-none has joined in.. not blogging just at mo, too much on my plate... but love the idea who often do we pin but then totally go forget it!
    love the pen holder too ...hope some other folks pop back and join...
    Thanks for popping over too!
    every blessing on it, Shaz in Oz.x PS great pen holder too!

  2. Can I link up if I don't use Pinterest?

  3. I love the concept of what you're doing, but I'm afraid I can't take part at this moment - too many other things on the go in my life to add in anything else. I enjoyed reading your post here and also took a peek at your pin board to see all the projects you have on your wish list.


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