Sunday, March 1, 2015

About Stop Pinning and Make Something!

How many pins have you actually made from your Pinterest boards?  Our boards are full of inspirational ideas and projects we want to make "some day". It’s time to Stop Pinning and Make Something!!

To get people creating!  Get out those paint brushes, that saw & sander, open the varnish, unpack your knitting needles or crochet hook!  Let’s make one of those pins sitting idle on your Pinterest boards. It can be as small as learning a new technique for creating ATC's to as big as making a garden shed!  Your pins are your limit.

Those pesky rules:
Ø  The craft must be pinned on one of your Pinterest Boards.
Ø  You must have been completed the project sometime between the 1st and last day of the month you are posting your photo.
Ø  A photo of your completed project is a must.  Photos taken showing the steps or process are not mandatory but very much welcomed!
Ø  Give a brief or detailed explanation of the process. 
o   Include any difficulties you ran into,  suggestions you can offer to improve the process, even any disasters that happened!
Ø  Follow Pinterest Etiquette; use pins that will click back to the original link (see #3)

Ø  Please use the direct URL to your blog post rather than to the blog itself. 
Ø  If using Flickr or Instagram, use the URL to the photo. 
Ø  Be sure to recognize and give credit to the originator.

Please turn off word verification, it is frustrating and an annoyance to many bloggers.

Do not use Stop Pinning and Make Something! to advertise.  This is not a place to promote using/buying specific products.  It is okay if you need to buy something specific in order to complete the project.  It’s not okay to promote purchasing items from your store, Etsy shop or ebay collection. 


  1. It does sound fun. Sometimes we all need a little nudge to get something done we put off.

  2. Cool idea! Would you perhaps allow me to take this idea and bring it to an Art Journal page?
    Let me know if you allow it.. I would link back to you of course !

    su-pi @

    email addy to use without the space between...thank you!


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