Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Finds

Our long delayed January thaw found its way to Michigan this week.  Such a difference a week makes! Consecutive days of gorgeous 50° weather...

Last week I shared photos of this same barn.  I felt the urge to go back, this time gathering the courage to knock on the door to ask for permission to snap the photos.  Surprisingly, the gentleman was very nice.  Large puddles of water and mud made it difficult to get very close but that same ominous feeling greeted me which made me wonder what secrets is this old barn hiding behind that peeling exterior…

I found signs of spring!  My Easter cactus may actually have blooms for Easter.

A new mug filled with orange cappuccino and time spent creating bits of art calms my soul.

My much neglected One Little Word has been trying to get my attention lately. I found this quote on my Seize the Day desk calendar.  A gentle reminder that I am allowing my struggles with teaching to take over. 

I found this site via the One Little Word Facebook group.  So thrilled with how mine turned out.

Sharing our week’s finds and discoveries with Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds. 


  1. LOVE that barn. Maybe we should have asked before we tried taking photos of that one this summer, maybe it would have ended better for us :) Way for you to be brave.

  2. I read your post and enjoyed every picture . . . and now all I can think about is orange cappuccino! I don't think I've tried this drink, but it sure sounds like a delicious pic-me-up! I love that you use your blog not only to inspire me, but as a means of self-discovery, too. To make an image that brings you back to your focus for this year - and then share that image - helps you and helps me, too!

    Love the bold blue sky behind this version of the barn. And, yes, I am one to knock and ask permission. Honestly, I find the courage to ask is much easier to make my way toward than living with the consequences of trespassing. Took me years, but now I just boldly ask - and if I smile and convey my sincerity, usually people say YES.

  3. My goodness what a difference a week makes in Michigan. Life must get difficult for a while after the melt with all that surplus water and mud. The barn is an amazing structure. I'd love to know why it continues to inspire you to feel the way you do about it. How intriguing. If you ever get to the bottom of it you must write a post and let us know. Your necklace is lovely and the etsy page that you've linked through to has lots of fantastic things. I've got a huge pickle jar full of sea glass that Emi and I have collected on our village beach in Spain and I've been wondering what to do with it for ages, but now you've given me lots of inspiration with that link. Thank you. All the best, Bonny


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