Friday, January 16, 2015

Regaining My Focus

Noticing the change of light... days stretching...a little longer each day
I found my focus for this blog… for my life … got lost.
It got lost in the stress of a job that daily became repressive and authoritarian
It got lost in the resulting depressive state from the continuous dysfunction and idiocracy
It got lost creating for others and not for me
It got lost from built up resentment

It took most of the holiday break to find it … when I did…
excitement returned
stress melted away
resentment cooled
creativity flourished
ideas coalesced
energy soared

My creative endeavors are now for me with projects I am excited about.

Utopia ended before I was ready – would I ever be?  Reality returned but I had armed myself with an arsenal to combat the constant flogging.  It’s not perfect but I notice a difference. I found that the excitement of sharing my life, here, has returned.

Returning to sharing my finds with Kim at Friday Finds


  1. Oh yes, you need time for you! Don't let your enthusiasm for life get lost under the floggings.

  2. Resentment is like eats its own container.

  3. Aren't the sunsets and sunrises beautiful this time of the year. Your photo looks like it could have been taken from my yard.

  4. I love that winter sunset. There's something so peaceful and promising about it.

  5. I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets! We had gone two straight weeks with nothing but gray skies..And then we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise and sunset today :-)

  6. I am so happy you are back. I was just thinking about you last week and the great day we had together last summer.

  7. Glad you are back! It is so hard sometimes finding that focus when everything and everyone is pulling you from all directions... sometimes you just need to take time for yourself and shut everything else down! Then when you find it again, isn't it glorious? I wish you lots of creative energy this year!

  8. Good to se you back! I love that photo and I also love to see that you are creating something that gives a promise of Spring!! Hugs, Chrisx

  9. Always so wonderful to 'refind" your focus, however, I think, right or wrong, that this is something that you have to do over and over in your life as you age. Things change, health changes, kids grow up, your grandchildren grow up, and your focus changes... even your life purpose has some changes. I think it is something , at least for me that i have had to ever be mindful of and even though your basic purpose doesn't change, the ways of actualizing it can. Hugs to you and glad that your creativity is making a change for you!


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