Monday, January 19, 2015

Finding my way: The Document Life Project

Practice page
This weekend was dedicated to leaning how to paint and decorate the pages for my Documented Life Project planner.
I wanted to use the Moleskin planner rather than the art journal which they changed to this year.  Because the planner was used last year and I did not participate I found myself behind.
After putting the planner together I was lost as to how to paint in the pages.  I purchased the Planner Pages - Art to the 5th™ Style Workshop for $19, I highly recommend it!

 In keeping with my One Little Word (Simplify), I plan to use what I have and limit what I purchase.  I want to use my ingenuity to find ways to get a simular look.  RAE MISSIGMAN uses a Xyron Create-a-Sticker Machine.  I do not have one nor plan to buy one.  After some thought I placed some deco tape on waxed paper then cut it into thin strips.  To make it easier next time I will put these on the page before adding the dates. 

What I learned:
Each week tells a story.  I need to remember that while I love her brightly decorated planner pages, the pages need to reflect my week and my style.
I'm not alone in not liking my handwriting.  Even some of these amazing artists don’t like their's! 
It’s okay to write events or appointments on the unpainted pages then paint over it.
I like the idea of “Smashing” in tidbits of my week like receipts, paper rings from the napkin silverware sets, photos, and quotes.

This Seize the Day desk calendar often has quotes that speak to me about something I am going through that day or week.  This gives me a great space to keep them.

Goal: get the pages completed for the upcoming week on the weekend.  Perhaps paint some weeks ahead of time. 

Are you participating in the DLP this year?  What have you learned that perhaps you could pass on?  I would love any helpful tips you can offer.


  1. Looks like a fun project and fits your creative style.

  2. Hi Diane! This is my first year of doing DLP too! I like the planner idea, though I'd rather use it - like you said - to reflect on the week gone past rather than for making future plans. More like a diary really. I'm already over-committed for this year (also doing LifeBook 2015) but for next year, this is definitely something I will look into. Perhaps working in a larger format as well. Currently,I'm just using a small Strathmore Visual Journal for doing quick pages. Love your layout - those neon colours are almost identical to the ones I used for this week's project! Thanks for visiting through WOYWW! I've added you on Google+ It would be nice if we could keep in touch there too!


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