Saturday, January 31, 2015

My One Little One Word 2015

Mixed media piece I created for my word (go HERE to view my creating process)
I struggle with allowing my writing to be real; writing my actual thoughts on paper and not worrying about what people think.  Because of this I found it difficult to complete the writing prompts for January.   Only because of the looming deadline (it’s the last day of January) was I able to force myself to sit down and face the blank page.
Using a Bo Bunny binder sitting in my closet found in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby
Selecting my word was easy…it found me!  Christmas break is not only full of Christmas planning but for me it is a time of renewing my spirit, sorting through the year's events, shedding the stress and residual bad energy from a toxic work environment and finding my spirit again.  The first week I am only able to breathe as thoughts of buying presents, decorating and planning meals turn over in my head.  The day after Christmas I am able to start connecting to my spirit again.  My thoughts whirl from events over the past year (regrets, wasted energy, changes I did make) to unfulfilled longings and projects I want to complete.
During this time of renewal, the words simplicity, simplify and simple kept popping up.  During my morning reading ritual this page in Daily Guidance from Your Angels book fell open:

My word for 2015 found me.

Simplify My:
v  Art supplies: buy less, use what I have, give away what I don’t need/like
v  Clothes: the way I dress, the clothes I wear, the amount of clothes I have.
v  Stuff around the house: bring in only what I love, get rid of what no long fits in, learn to let go of emotional stuff.

v  Projects: keep them simple, less complicated
January downloads
Morning reading ritual, healthy breakfast,  photo I took  just after New Years, and assigned selfie
writing prompts


  1. I am guessing your word for the year is simplify! A great word! I love having these words as they really help me focus on my goals for the year!

  2. Love this. You did great and good for you for finishing January. I haven't but I will.


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