Saturday, January 31, 2015

Creating a mixed media piece for My One Little Word

After looking through the inspiring photos of other One Little Word participants I felt the need to create a piece with my word Simplify. 

I tore out papers from the telephone book I use as a protective surface to spray inks.

Adhere them using matte medium
Note to self:  avoid using black for background papers when using bright paints

Use modeling paste with a stencil.  I chose this particular one because I wanted to create a frame around my word.

When I lifted the stencil the bottom portion looked plain so I laid the stencil down and added small sections of modeling paste.  I allowed this to dry for about an hour.

 I realized at this point I had not thought my process through and was now stuck with figuring out what to do with the center of the frame.  This is when I realized using the black paper as a background was not the best choice.  Aha, paint and learn!. 

It took three coats of white paint to cover that dark paper.

My thought process was to add small patches of white through a stencil to make that center circle less glaring but my lack of experience painting with stencils only created while blotches.
Note to self:  practice in practice book first.

Now left with figuring out what to do with those blotches of white paint.

In the back of my brain a memory popped through of someone using a black pen to define the stenciled image.  Grabbed my Sakura black gel pen and began tracing the outline of the circles.

I was so pleased with myself for saving the white blotches I forgot to snap photos as I continued to work.
Here is what took place:
Wrote my word using a stencil and black gel pen then added this quote which reminds me to KISS.
Traced the circle using a black PITT big brush pen.
Glued on the butterfly I cut out from a note card.
Cut words from a dictionary and glued on.

Went around the edges of the dictionary words with a graphite pencil then smudged with my finger.

The butterfly needed some doodling but my doodling ability is rather lacking so I settled for tracing around it with Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll pens.

Still not satisfied that it was complete, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try splattering some ink on it.  After seeing other artists do I thought how hard can it be?
Remembering the white blobs of paint incident I practiced in my practiced book first.

Added white circles using cap from white paint bottle.

Happy with it and will call it complete!

After completing this not only do I have a beautiful piece for my notebook but I now have another set of painting clothes!
Note to self: I don't need any more painting clothes.


  1. Good for you for hanging in there and working through the issues you didn't like to get to such a beautiful end! I have the same issues, I forget to try things elsewhere first and then "mess up" my original, but you really did a fantastic job with this! Be proud of yourself and enjoy it. BTW, I laughed at all the "notes to self" but none harder than the one about not needing any more paint clothes, I SO relate!

  2. I love this piece and your word is perfect, thanks for breaking down the process of creation, I like how you have notes to yourself, especially love the part about the clothes, I always try and wear an apron, but forget most of the time. Maybe an apron for you would be good too.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  3. Visiting from GYB and love the art page that you have created here. I am an avid journaler and really like this! I do my own "brand " of art journaling, but have not tried mixed media yet. As i see t hese pages, it really encourages me to try this art form out. Glad to meet you and will look forward to seeing you again. Jeanne with Butterfly Tales

  4. This is gorgeous! Love your process and the finished piece is amazing. I especially like your idea of tracing around the stencil with a black pen.

  5. This turned out fabulous. I practice a ton before I do anything, that is the perfectionist in me.

  6. Thanks for sharing your process. I loved seeing how you worked through it and I do love that stencil!

  7. what fun is this I love the finishe project

  8. Lovely and colourful project! I like neon colours too! They look great on gelli prints as well! Which reminds me, I have to get some more!


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