Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Creating Process for Shaped HMPC’s

I am hosting a monthly Shaped Handmade Postcard swap and thought I would share how I create them.  These would also be fun to send as a RAK to brighten someone's day.


u   Cut out several book pages or scrap papers 5x7 (or larger).

Draw shape onto one of the sheets, keeping it as true to the dimensions as possible. I am working with 5x7.

Cut out the shape.

You can proceed one of two ways:

  • Glue the cut out shape to watercolor paper/cardboard.  I used a glue stick and a brayer to adhere the cutout.
  • OR: Trace the cutout onto the watercolor paper and cut out the shape.
Get creative and use whatever means you want to color and embellish.
Note: I stipulated that for this swap that the shape doesn’t have to reflect the theme/design of the PC. i.e.: you do not have to portray a house on the house shape.

The Heart 

 Drew heart on 5x7 watercolor paper

 Adding paint.
 Mixing silver metallic paint with glass gel medium

 Haphazardly covering the heart with the glass bead gel, allowing the paint to peek through.  Allow to dry.

Note: I use Beacon's 3-IN-1 or Mixed Media glue then roll over with a brayer to ensure embellishments are tightly glued down for mailing.

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

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