Tuesday, August 8, 2017

52 Small Changes Challenge: The Beginning

52 Small Changes for the Mind: Improve Memory * Minimize Stress * Increase Productivity * Boost Happiness by [Blumenthal, Brett]

I find myself hesitating, worried about sharing this post.  Why?  Accountability.  By posting it here I now must follow through.  With the beginning of the school year looming, now is not the best time to start something as I tend to throw out all good practices in lieu of stress habits. 
But I want this habit to stick so I am pushing forward knowing that accountability is one of the requirements for making successful changes.
Why am I doing this and why now?
I feel stuck and have felt stuck for several years now.  The stressors of teaching in an inner city dysfunctional school system has taken its toll and changes have to be made.  I want to approach this up coming school year differently.  This book found it's way into my life in a round about way which I believe is Spirit's way of saying, "Here, do this."

I completed week 1 and have begun week 2.  Here are my notes:

Week 1 Put Pen To Paper

Maintaining a Journal.  While I have been writing in a journal off and on for several years I have not been fully committed. Putting my thoughts and feelings to paper scares me yet this is exactly what I need to keep the stress in perspective.

How it went: Enrolling in Susannah Conway's Journal Your Life online course was the conduit to getting started.  Having enrolled in her course gave me structure to help carve out a routine I can stick to.  I still feel myself holding back, not allowing the thoughts and feelings to flow freely.  I remind myself that this is normal and as this practice progresses my comfort level will settle in.
Difficulties:  Since the end of the school year I have been in the habit of going to my craft room and painting every morning.  Making the change back to my morning reading ritual and journaling has been easier because I had this practice in place before.
Concerns: once school begins I worry I will fall into my default mode of working on lesson plans and grading papers.  I need to create an alternative means of getting these done to keep my mornings devoted to journaling.

Week 2 Let the Music Play

I have the right equipment: an iPad, portable bluetooth speaker, and a Pandora account with pre selected stations.  I already listen to music while I am painting, gardening, driving, and housecleaning. 
Concerns: I do not make my own music nor do I see myself indulging in this.

What changes do you need/want to make?  What are some practices that help you maintain the changes you have successfully made?
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  1. Good for you for taking this challenge on! I love that you're not willing to start the school year falling into old patterns just because that's how it's always been. I had a lot of different jobs and I would always let my eating & exercise slide when I'd start a new one because I was letting myself get used to the new surroundings and schedule. But the last job I had, I set s very manageable schedule for how I was going to eat and when I would run... and neither the world or my job collapsed around me. In fact, it was a great feeling to know I was taking control and not letting the new setting overwhelm me.


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