Saturday, June 24, 2017

Get up. Get dressed. Paint. What does "play" look like?

Starting with this.
As I was painting, this question arose, What does play look like? Which led to, What does it feel like?  What is the the difference between being intuitive and playing while creating?  Can I teach myself to let go and play?

The creative aftermath.  And yes, Allistair has paint on his tail where he flicked it across the wet page.
Is it a blog worthy? Not really.  But I created it with no goal in mind other than the intention to simply paint so it served its purpose.

What I learned:

  • I like incorporating magazine images.
  • I like using the bits of scrap paper and I noticed I was intuitively pulling the pieces out of the bag.
  • Don't put the MOD PODGE away until I'm all done.  I wasted a lot of time putting it away only to need to get it back out (several times).
  • Scribbling with liquid acrylic ink as a final step makes me happy.

Used Daler Rowney FW Artists Acrylic Ink  in Scarlet
I allowed the ink to drop in big, thick drops in spots to add texture.  Warning:  if you do this the journal needs to stay flat until the ink dries or else it will run.
 What does "playing your your journal"  look or feel like to you?  How do you know you are playing?

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