Saturday, May 20, 2017

Get up. Get dressed. Paint. : Not meant to be...

I look forward to Saturday morning all week.  Knowing I have this one quiet morning filled with hours set aside to do nothing but paint helps manage the stress of my teaching job.  But not today...

The page started out okay.  I Mod Podged the scraps I pulled with the intent of creating a mixed media page in my purple journal.

I sprayed  it with dylusions ink in crushed grape but when I misted it with water it turned bubblegum pink in spots.  This wasn't what I wanted!

I sprayed over it, moving the excess around with a paint brush.  Now I'm just hating the look I've created.  Just when I start adding Distress paint Allistair jumps up and tips over my full mug of coffee .  I was going to take a photo of the mess but decided against it as coffee was running down the wall and short circuited the outlet.
I planned on cleaning up my craft room when school ended but now, thanks to this mishap I shall begin today.  Perhaps my angels were trying to get my attention and used Allistair as their intermediary.

 I love you Allistair but not so much today!

What next?

Looking for some input as to how to salvage this mess.  I thought about using some purple die cut flowers or painting some flowers over the whole thing but what color do I use?

Do you have any suggestions as to how to save this?


  1. That's no mess--- I would try to use a fine stencil or stamp and introduce a fine white layer here and there.
    So nice to see you with Allistair! Quite cute you both!♥

  2. OMG! Poor girl! I don't think the page is a mess but a wonderful beginning! do you texture paste and stenciling your book? If you put a stenciled layer of texture paste it would soak up some grape and make it a lighter lavender color...How about some gold or yellow? When I had a nearly identical experience I tossed the pages...bad me...don't do that. You are off to a wonderful start. Love the loves Allistair is giving! I have one cat that will jump up on the back of the chair and knead my hair, another that loves to get under the desk and wag her tail on my bare legs, and the third yours she has to be in my face while I am at the computer. How your clean up goes well and you can get back to crafting later! Vickie


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