Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WOYWW: Struggling this week

This desk shot represents struggle although Pandora seems to think it is all about her.  I’ve been struggling to complete an overdue journal spread in a friends journal.  It sat on the shelf for several weeks, waiting to be opened and worked in.  Last Saturday, realizing I was putting it off, but not knowing why, I opened it and forced myself to begin.  Here I am laying down a background of newly found tissue paper. I was trying to figure out how to incorporate this fabric.

It dawned on me that I’m struggling because I’m in that spot where I just haven’t found my own painting style.  I’m still painting using what I learned following Rae Missigman’s 15 minutes of  Mixed Media with hints of myself showing up here and there.  So the struggle to work in this journal was not fear of creating something awful, rather a feeling of frustration of not knowing how to create something that is me.  I read somewhere that this place where I am, this frustration, is actually the first step in finding one's own style.
The completed spread

Adding the fabric and stitching

Using crochet thread to add textrure

Pushing modeling cream through a stencil for more texture and contrast

I came home from work yesterday to find a much anticipated package in the mail, all the way from Australia:
I won the drawing for the needle keeper over at Judy's Paper and Textile Creations!  I was so excited as I rarely win any of these drawings.  And she made this gorgeous tag which I added to my tag journal.  I am in awe of her work and have added creating a fabric journal to my list of creativity projects for 2016.  Many thanks Judy and I will be sending you a little something soon.


I have greatly limited how much I swap, instead focusing on creating for myself.  I host a monthly tag art journal swap and participate in postcard swaps but that's it these days.  I stopped making ATC's altogether, although I will participate in the WOYWW's swap (I even have it on my calendar so I won't procrastinate).

 New Year's tag

Joining up with What’s onYour Workdesk? Wednesday where desk snooping is not only allowed but all part of the fun!


  1. Hi Diane, I can relate about finding ones style - I'm still wavering about..but I am truly loving your complete artwork piece and your sentiment. I too have a Judy needlecase and am in awe of her work. Have a great week RobynO#36

  2. What a beautiful spread. Love that quote as well. Finding one's style is frustrating indeed.

  3. I may be at that stage myself. I certainly feel frustrated sometimes. Love what you did with the batik! Fantastic tags received! Pandora looks so pretty! I'm trying to see if she's got any eyebrows? Oreo seems to have lost all but one of his! I didn't know you had two kitties? Isn't Alistair jealous for not being featured today? Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #48

  4. Great projects! Thanks for sharing your design thoughts.

  5. I don't know what your style was before, but this is an incredible spread. I love the painting, the sewing, and the bits of thread you spread around the piece.

    I tell people I don't have a style, but I create what is in front of me, or what is in my mind at the time. I've never been able to copy anyone else's style, because I don't paint, stamp, or have a die cutting machine. That's why I'm often all over the map, as can be seen on my desk.

    Pages from the CR book are going to be used for a swap. Although you didn't ask, the tea bags will be used in a tutorial that goes live tomorrow, in case you have time to return. Thanks for visiting while I slept. BTW, Bleubeard is jealous of Pandora, because he's not allowed in either of my craft areas. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  6. Forgot to mention that I don't journal, so those tea dyed pages will find their way into something, whether it's an altered book or assemblage. Also forgot to mention, I don't do CUTE, or rather CUTESY. Guess that's why I love that spread you created so much.

  7. The New Year tag is wonderful! Really like the journal page too. The cat isn't bad either lol

    Sharon #50

  8. Hi Diane, I too am procrastinating about starting an art journal, and you are so right, it's fear of doing it wrong/not knowing what your style is.Which is silly, because it eventually becomes clear to us, just like it did making cards! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  9. It's funny, this style thing, I think it is something to do with lack of confidence or belief that ones haas a style's fascinating. Especially in view of the pages that you're ultimately created...lovely, that sentiment is gorgeous isn't it. Especially flattered that you intend to join in with the Anniversary ATC swap, thank you!

  10. Mmmm this is a difficult one, finding your own style and can stop you from making progress with stuff. I think it's better not to think and just do it and it will come to you. Hope you have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 17

  11. It is a difficult time as everyone says but style is constantly evolving and sometimes I love what I do and others I think it sucks but friends, family, and art friends love it. Hang in there it gets better. Congrats on the win! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #61

  12. Wow all your projects are amazing... but kitty is my favourite.
    sandra de @15

  13. Hi Diana- You won the mini Calendar from my blog post - If you send your address , i'll post it out xx Soojay

  14. you have beautiful cats <3 love the way you make art. lush color, fun lines, bold style


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