Friday, October 23, 2015

Get up. Get Dressed. Paint.

Mark making – not something I’m good at.  I did not even  know what it was until I started following Rae Missigman.  This week’s 15 MINUTES OF MIXED MEDIA© was about using a limited amount of supplies and letting the process take you. 

One of the things I've discovered in this painting journey is deli paper.  I squirt out the paint I'm going to use onto the deli paper then whatever is left I scrape it out with an old credit card creating wonderful abstract "art".  I then use these in my work.  In this week's video Rae cuts out random shapes and glues them onto the spread.
“Mom, my food bowl is empty!”
 Kiri came to investigate.  I had just let her in from her evening prows.  Her rare visit had bad timing…
Yup, that's my art journal she's laying on!  Wet paint and all.  Notice the pink paint scraped over the new piece of deli paper. 

The carnage. This week's colors on the deli paper.

The final page.

What I learned

  • Use a wash of paint in places instead of creating a big spot of  color.

What I noticed

  • I worry less about being exact when copying her page and more on why she is doing it.
  • I’m still not relaxed in my mark making.  I don’t have that sense of feeling the pattern or where to put them.  I am inspired by this week's practice and will create a page of my own.

Joining Paint Party Friday where having paint under the fingernails is the norm.  What colors are under yours?


  1. You and you furry friend made some beautiful art again this week. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Beautiful journal spread. And Kiri is very cute and I think just wanted to add a paw print or two to your page!

  3. Great idea for deli paper! Your spreads are delightful.

  4. haha, don't you just love cats :-) Wonderful colours on your journalpage, and I like that tip about the delipaper. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gotta love animals, they always have perfect timing! Made for a great photo if nothing else!! Wonderful colours and love the quote...I am probably as confident as you about mark making!!
    Good post as always!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. gosh you are doing such wonderful mark making and layering in your journals. Hope Kiri managed to get off your pages without sticking:):) Happy PPF!

  7. the marks on these pages are really wonderful. I like reading your what I learned and what I noticed comments... they are a fabulous idea...xx

  8. It's so interesting reading your thoughts and results... plus I love that furry drying impliment. It's just purrfect ^..^ Have a wonderful week ;D

  9. Beautiful colors and great mark making! So glad you have a side kick kitty to help out. Still blog hopping from PPF. Great,fun post. Rasz #60

  10. Well I think you created a wonderful page. The deli paper really brings out some interesting results.

  11. Such wonderful bright colors. And your kitty cat is hilarious. :D

  12. Hi Diane, great journal page. I like it but obviously Kiri did not. I bet she thought the book was getting too much attention so she needed to show it who was boss Lol!
    Have a great week, Angela x

  13. Love your page Diane! It looks so free - I bet you had fun working on this - or rather playing with it! I like to save my excess paint on tissue or deli paper as well! That way, we're not wasting all that precious colour! Kiri is so cute sitting on your journal page, LOL! Cats! They're so funny!


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