Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stop Pinning & Make Something! June Link Party

How many pins have you actually made from your Pinterest boards?  Our boards are full of inspirational ideas and projects we want to make "someday".   It’s time to Stop Pinning and Make Something!  a monthly link party to get people creating those pins on their Pinterest boards! 

To join in simply:

·         Create something from one of your Pinterest Boards.
·         Complete the project sometime between the 1st and last day of the month.
·         Post a photo of your completed project, a must.  Photos taken showing the steps or process are not obligatory but very much welcomed.
·         Give a brief or detailed explanation of the process.
·         We would love for you to include any difficulties you ran into,  suggestions you can offer to improve the process, even any disasters that happened!
·         Please follow Pinterest Etiquette; use pins that will click back to the original link

The pins I selected:

I was inspired by DLP featured artist Heather Santos art journal page using modeling paste, one of my favorite texture mediums. You can see here page HERE or follow along on YouTube via this pin found on my Mixed Media Mayhem board.

Collaged bits and pieces of book pages randomly

Used soft gel (matte) to glue down collage papers

Added random marks with watercolor pencil

Pushed modeling paste through a stencil and drywall tape then spread it with a palette knife.

Added acrylic and Adirondack inks.  I noticed too late that I had put them on too dark.

Sanded with sand paper.

Set out embellishments and printed quote; figured out what worked and what didn't.

Glued embellishments using Beacon 3-in-1 glue

Final piece
After letting it sit overnight I still thought it was still too dark so I lighted the edges using Inka Gold in Oldsilver.

What I learned:

·         Working on canvas is not that much different from creating a journal page, simply need to remember to color the sides of the canvas.
·         When you feel yourself saying, “it’s ugly”, or “it’s not turning out right” , WALK AWAY, let it sit for a while.

Second Canvas:  

I fell in love with an art journal page which I  pinned on my board Art journal Techniques, featured HERE by Marta at artistycrafty.blogspot.ie  I admired it so much I decided to recreate it on canvas.

Used modeling paste with this vintage script stencil

Misted Adirondack alcohol ink in Carmel and Citrus, allowed it to run down the canvas then blotted with paper towel.

Cut flowers from napkin then played with the placement.

Used Decou-page to glue down napkin (she used soft matte gel)

It still needs something in the bottom right corner, perhaps a a quote but I am stuck as to how to go about getting on the canvas.  Do you have any suggestions?

What I learned:

Ø  I need a soft bristle brush to use with the napkin as to not tear it.
Ø  Do not brush the Decou-page where delicate parts of the cut out are.  Lay it down first, gently pick it up, brush the Decou-page on the canvas then lay it down gently brushing over it with a soft brush filled with Decou-page.

It's Your Turn!
Grab the button, find a pin you have been longing to make then start creating!  When you are finished come back and share your link below.  Remember to link back to this direct URL at afocusedjourney.blogspot.com in your posting.



  1. OOOh! I LOVE Marta's site! you did a fantastic job with your rose page, just beautiful. Now I have to go and pin Marta!

  2. What a great idea. I know I spend too much time exploring and pinning on pinterest. So many fabulous projects. Love the ones you chose. I must try this for sure.


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