Friday, June 19, 2015

Get up. Get dressed. Paint.

I wanted to try using the acrylic inks again after experiencing THIS disaster my first attempt. Before doing anything I had to deal with the ink that came through the paper from last week.  

Dylusions Spray ink in bubblegum pink

Using grid paper to cover it up

Adding acrylic ink in neon green

What I learned:

  • Using the timer to keep myself to 15 - 20 minutes simply doesn't work for me.  Too many interruptions such as the cat walking across my work space then getting paint on his paws.  I spent 10 minutes wiping up neon green paw prints off the carpet!
  • I noticed myself paying closer attention to where to paint something rather than randomly painting it any where.  I wish I had moved the arrow down and had it pointing from "laugh" to the quote.
I created this folder project last weekend using Distress Paints.  You can see all the pieces separately HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping by and being so supportive with your comments.
Paint Party Friday



  1. Love the title of this post and seeing your process! Sometimes timers work other times they don't. Your project folder looks cool!

  2. I think timing is fun to do sometimes but sometimes you just got to forget about how long it takes. especially when the cat walks through neon green paint! I think you succeeded and I love how you remind us all that every art piece teaches us something if you look for it.

  3. your page is full of beautiful colors and has a lovely flow. Keep that inner critic quiet and you'll be just fine:) Love your folder file cards and holder too. Happy PPF!

  4. Really enjoying seeing your spread each week. You have certainly learned a lot.

  5. Beautiful pages... I am not a lover of time limits so this would be a huge restriction for me...It never fails those little annoying off putting!! Tell your inner gremlin to take a walk...and let the paint flow... enjoy the process!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Such a pretty style with the flowers, and wonderful bright colors!

  7. I really like that you stop and reflect on what worked and what didn't ... I need to do more of that

  8. This is something I keep telling myself to do but I never do it, so it was interesting to see your process. I love the folder pieces, very pretty
    Jill #32

  9. I've never thought of timing anything. Everything always seems to take longer than we expect it to anyway. I do like your acrylic pages very much. They are bright and cheerful and happy. The distress in pages are all very pretty indeed. Barb#20 xx

  10. I like the folder project, really nifty. I never thought about all that painting into journal/book pages and the bleed though. You did a good job with the cover up. I couldn't see being timed either. There's always a cat that needs to be petted, a nose that needs to blown or some treat calling to you from the kitchen. Too much pressure! I do wish I could sit down for longer periods of time without interruption though. Judy #49

  11. Lovely work. I couldn't do with timing myself :-) Anne x #50

  12. Lovely work Diane. I can't work to a timed schedule but it is a good idea. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 19


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