Saturday, April 25, 2015

Get up. Get dressed. Paint. Week 5

Watercolor fun with Rae Missigman and her 15MINUTES OF MIXED MEDIA©

Using watercolors is new to me, and a little intimidating.  I see those beautiful sketchbooks where the artist paints on the go and, well, it's intimidating!  This page helped me push past some of that fear and learn how to paint with them.  
  • Having not worked with watercolors much I realized too late that the palm of my hand was smearing what I just finished painting.   To cover the mess, I ended up gessoing over those areas twice.
  • I felt more comfortable using watercolor pencils to fill in the background rather then painting from the set of paints.  I enjoy using the pencils with the H2O brush.

 What I learned this week:

Ø  Work from the top of the page down and dry more often with the heat tool.
Ø  How to incorporate other paints along with the watercolors such as acrylics and paint pens.
Ø  The entire background doesn't need to be filled in.  Leaving some white areas is okay.

Paint Party Friday


  1. A lovely take on the exercise this week Diane! Good for you for pushing through. Water colors are really hard for me too! eek! xx

  2. Very pretty. Have you tried watching a few water colour youtube videos. Tracey Fletcher King just did a watercolour on carrots tutorial earlier this week that was awesome. Check it out , it may help. I found it really informative!! She's on paint party friday too!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I think you did a GREAT job! I like water colors however I cannot make the water color pencils work for me. Good for you for trying. My theme for my post this week was "what I learned" and I had to smile when I read what you had learned. Have a beautiful week!

  4. It's hard not to be intimidated sometimes Diane, but it's so important to just keep yourself painting, and do whatever works FOR YOU. If you like the pencils, have fun with the pencils! And i agree with Giggles (above). Tracey did a fabulous job with showing how she paints carrots in that little video. I love that you added the 'what i learned this week' points. I find the trick with watercolors is to start really light, adding the depth as you go along. You're on the right path. xx

  5. Vous avez bien travaillé!


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