Monday, July 28, 2014

Making Changes: Checking in

First week’s steps were:

1.       Drinking 8 cups of water per day:  I actually did great, not as difficult as I thought it would be.  In the book Younger By the Day, author Victora Moran advices drinking a shot of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning.  It will keep you regular, make your skin less prone to blotches and breakouts, and balance your appetite when you wake up.  I have been doing this every morning. I put the water in the microwave before I start the coffee and down it while waiting for the coffee maker to finish.  I do find that I must force myself each morning.  I am looking forward to it becoming easier, part of the routine.  The rest of the day I am doing well remembering to take frequent drinks.  I do substitute a glass of green tea several times.  I found this and it makes great sun tea!

2.      Take a 20 minute walk each day:  Not doing well on this one.  I lack the commitment but have not given up on myself.  I noticed that I remember that I must do it but then go off and do something else. It’s a new week.   I will get this into practice!

Stress is my worst enemy.  I have a very stress filled occupation.  Already the anxiety of return to work is taking it’s toll.  This one step is my lifesaver yet I resist it.  Why?????

“Walking lowers anxiety.  This easy exercise provides an outlet for tension and nervous energy, reducing stress.”

“Frank Perna, Ph.D., of Boston University School of Medicine, indicated in 2002 study that these exercise-induced brain chemicals actually help us achieve the cerebral clarity that allows our emotional distractions to disappear.  After all, it’s hard to think clearly when you are burdened with a cluttered mind.”

“A brisk walk will help us sleep better tonight.”

I am back to walking up around 1 a.m. for the day again.  It started a several nights ago.  I do think it is related to anxiety: school supplies out and being advertised, not knowing where or what I will be teaching, who the new principle will be…

3.      Clean out a drawer, cabinet or closet every week: bedroom.  I went off the deepend with this one!  I went Big when I decided to organize my newly renovated office. I am not allowing anything in that I don’t want to keep and everything must be wiped off, dusted, and organized before finding a place on the shelf.  Rather daunting so when I get overwhelmed, I walk away. 

“There is a connection between organizing clutter and losing weight.” 
I must get busy getting rid of stuff then!
"Messy drawers, cabinets, and closets drain us of our energy."
While mine aren't messy, they are filled with unnecessary things.

4.      Start saving $2 each day: Had no idea how to do this as I rarely carry money with me.  Students will ask you for it or they will steal it.  So I make it a habit to not have any money in the classroom or on my person!  What I have done is stopped spending $ on craft supplies; I stay home and don’t drive to the city to the craft stores.  Not sure how to do this.  It makes no sense to pull money out of our account to set aside $2 a day or transfer $2 ever day to the savings.  I noticed I am consciously making an effort to spend less.  Does this count?

Week 2:

1.        Food Journal: write down what you eat and how it makes you feel.  I just dug out Julia Cameron’s book The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size a great book but I never followed through on it.  I have read through many different sources that agree that writing down what you eat truly does help you lose weight.  I just went upstairs and dug out a mini composition notebook to use for this.  Will keep it in the kitchen. 

Problems I foresee:
Making myself write down what I eat the minute I eat it, not putting it off until later when I won’t remember. 

2.      Isometrics:  Squeeze some isometrics into everyday; I have no idea how to do these so I need to look up some videos on YouTube
Problems I foresee: The book suggests doing these while you are waiting.  It will be getting into the habit (remembering) and not feeling dumb.  Honestly, I do not see myself following through with this one.

3.      Laundry: Set up an efficient laundry system:  This is not a problem for me.  My laundry room on the other hand is not set up efficiently, but that is not what this step is about.  I rarely let laundry pile up. I don’t have a “laundry day” like my mother has.  I simply do it when I have time, perhaps a load a day if need be. 
I am going to swap this for my desk in the living room which is ALWAYS a disaster.  Piles of mail, swaps needing to be filed in my swapping binder, journals coming in and going out and mail waiting for something done.  It is an eye sore!

Problems I foresee:  Getting started and making it a habit.  In order to set this into motion I must create a system (place) to put things.  This will require purchasing some type of wall organizer for in & out going swaps and folders for my stash of post cards.

4.      Daily Planning: Plan a to-do list for every day:  this one scares me, I must admit!  I was, and still have the potential to be, a chronic list maker.  I kept lists on little pieces of paper and in spiral bound notebooks.  I was addicted to making list for everything and scratching them off.  I literally had to cut myself off.  I have a Wheel Book (Navy term for a book in which to track people to call & jobs to get done in one convenient place; capturing on paper the strategies surrounding any big task; a place to record your musing; assures accurate accounting).  I shelved it as I literally was living my life by my lists.  I was doing, doing, doing and never enjoying.  I got the wheel book out, will have to contemplate if and how I will do this so I don’t go back to that.

Problems I foresee: Becoming addicted to list making again.


I am not sleeping regularly. Walking up at 1 o’clock in the morning is unsettling.  I find myself exhausted by 9 a.m. and making bad eating decisions.  I also have no creative energy.  There are so many things I want to do yet I have no energy to pursue them.  This MUST change.

The anxiety over returning to teaching is a big indicator that I need change.  I know this, I simply don’t know what change to make, what direction I need to go, where to go for help.

What are your struggles?  Do you share any of mine?  Have you been able to conquer any of these issues?  If so, please take a moment and share your strategies.I can use all the help I can get!

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  1. You are tackling a big project with all these changes, but I applaud you for it. It starts with one small change at a time and then slowly keep adding as you get your routine established. I am going through this right now with my morning routine change. I drink lots of tea through out the day, I have a struggle with plain water unless I am at the gym. As somebody who has walked for years, it is the best thing ever. That is my quiet time and also my most creative time, there is nothing else to do but walk and think.


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