Sunday, March 9, 2014

Scavenging for this weeks photos at my favorite vintage shop.

For this week’s challenge I made a visit to my favorite antique consignment shop.  Inside this previous Harley Davidson dealership are a hundred or so booths; collectors all renting space to sell their wares. Let's go in shall we and see what we can find.

After already taking my mini photo I stumbled upon this mini bottle.  The tag is what actually caught my attention as it states this comes from the small town both my parents are from Cheboygan.

I found this fabulous portrait of this little child. I am not sure if it is a little girl or boy.  The little black shoes are adorable.  

Of course, after I took this photo I came across this:

For an art journal assignment I had to take a selfie, a practice I do not partake in even though it seems to be all the rage.  I took me about 10 shots to get the hang of where my eyes needed to look in order for it to look like I’m looking at myself.  I was fighting a cold that day so I was wearing my comfy sweater. I always reach for it when I’m feeling sick or having the day from **** and need to feel some comforted.  

Here are 2 of my favorite booths:

I fell in love with this vintage framed tin and had I had the $40 I would have purchased it.  Why?  Just because I like it!

Here are my purchases: Flower book for art journaling; Ladies Home Journal for my mom for Mother's day; bird books for my friend Colleen in the Ukraine who makes these fabulous bird art journals ; Cabin photos for an Altered book project I would like to make; and an old school house photo because I live in one and now collect photos of them.

Enjoying another week scavenging for photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Take a moment and stop by to see everyone's fabulous finds!


  1. I could spend some time in this place. Great images. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Wow, what a wide assortment of things, it looks fun. I like the shoe fund too!

  3. It looks like you had a fun shopping trip. I love the old embossed bottles and the old photos. The shoe fund is funny. It made for a great answer for the prompt. It looks to me like you did a great job with the selfies. I still haven't figured out where to look when trying to take them. I have gotten pretty adept at taking one of the top of my head to check my part, though.:)

  4. I don't do selfies either-but have that as an assignment next month so will have to see what I can come up with.

    I like that framed tin and I could spend time in those last 2 booths myself.


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