Saturday, July 20, 2013

Art journal pages

Here are some of the completed pages for my online class:  The Journey Within: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity by Kelly Kilmer!   Art journaling is a very personal endeavor. When creating a page the artist is revealing not only their thoughts and feelings but their artistic impression of what those musings look like.  This also makes it very subjective.  And every artist has their own interpretation of what art journaling is and what it looks like.

This was my first attempt at art journaling.   I had to tune out that inner voice that repeatedly whispered, “You’re not an artist”.  I don’t see myself as an artist but as someone who can express themself creatively.  Even admitting that is difficult.  This journey is new for me as I can’t draw or paint anything that resembles anything recognizable. 

I completed all 31 pages of the course.  You can see the entire slideshow at the bottom of the blog.   I did run into some difficulties.  I decided to use a discarded book as my journal rather than a blank book.  The binding fell apart while I was working on the pages.    I reglued the spine but still need book binding tape in order to reattach the cover.  When I have it put together and the cover design completed I will post those photos.

I am proud of myself for taking on this challenge and setting aside my fears of “not being good enough”.  I started working on my second journal this week.  I will post pictures of the first pages next week.

In the meantime, scroll down and view the slideshow then let me know what you think.

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