Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blank Christmas Junk Journal

I have been busy creating for various swaps on Swap-bot.  My latest project, while challenging, was more of an ice-breaker for me.  I had been wanting to do this since I found this example of a December Daily/Journal Your Christmas via Pinterest.  I had several of my son’s Little Golden Christmas books and couldn't bear to part with them.  This was the perfect way to give them new life. 

Go Here to view.
Rules for the swap:
·         the journal should have a Christmas theme
·         scrapbook paper can be only used as  an accent and/or decorative element,  tags/insert pieces
·         each two-page spread should have at least one Christmas element
·         it is fine to use stickers on some pages as decorative items, but please use other items as well
·         journal should have at least 12 separate pages/leaves (or at least 24 pages counting front and back)
·         make whatever type of cover you'd like. Decorate the cover, but do leave room for your partner to add personal touches.
·         bind any way you choose
·         keep the size of the journal under 8X10.
·         add at least two pockets and two tags/tuck-ins
·         recycle and re-purpose papers as much as possible.

I couldn't find instructions as to how to dismantle the book so this is what I did:
1.        Carefully tear away gold binding; take out staples (I had to pry them out with a small flat head screw driver)
2.       Separate pages; cut the pages down the center fold to create single pages
3.       Hole punch (I used Crop-A-Dile) the book covers and  pages (first decide if you want 2, 3, or 4 holes)
4.       Reinforce the holes with reinforcement hole labels (use the self-adhesive type)
5.       If the bottom of the pages or corners are worn/ bent, reinforce these with decorative tape.
6.       Insert binder rings; I use the 1.5 “.
7.       Gather all of your supplies and begin altering!

What I wanted for this book:  
Ø  Keep the integrity of the book: keep as much of the front cover and print/pictures of the book intact.
Ø  Things sticking out so the book wasn’t just a square.
Ø  Inserts between every 2-page spread
Ø  No glitter, no blue, and no religious or humorous material.
Ø  Consistency  of materials;  I chose to use only green stripped scrapbook paper, Paper Studio Merry Christmas Sticker Pad, K&Company Die Cuts, and Noel washi tape.

*For my re-purposed items I used Christmas cards received over the years, paper sacks, envelopes, a red file folder, and an old Christmas Carol book. 
I hope you enjoyed my first video.  Special thanks to my wonderful hubby for putting it together for me!


  1. couldn't watch your video but it sounds like a neat project. Those little books are always so cute! {:-Deb

    1. I am sorry you couldn't watch it, was it not working or won't it play on your device (I hate that problem). I hope you can view it. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. i couldn't watch it either. just a grey screen of static. would love to see the journal though.

  3. I couldn't watch it either! : ( For me as soon as I hit play it says "This video contains content from SME and Sony ATV Publishing, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." ...BUT I could see your journal in the preview still of the video (before I hit play) and it looks just yummy, like a junk journal should - stuffed full of goodies! I love the idea of repurposing all of the wonderful paper products of Christmas - cards, books, Christmas carol sheet music...

  4. The video has been updated, and should be view-able. The husband (me) screwed something up! Thanks for your patience!

  5. Diane, that was real cute. I like the "Little Golden Books" idea. I'll have to think on that one. I have lots of Christmas cards so my wheels are already turning on how I can have the kids in Sunday school make a little book. Maybe not with the Golden Books, but with the Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing your pretty book.

  6. Diane, you'll get more comments if you get rid of that word verification gadget. Took me 3 tries to get it to go above. Blogger has good spam controls. Got rid of mine years ago. You might give it a try.


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